Kylin Express High-quality Latex Football Receiver Gloves for Adults, (White/Black, L)

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Ships from Hong Kong. These football receiver glove are the ideal glove for players seeking a lightweight, flexible glove with extreme grip. Made with Latex, this innovation not only creates a strong grip, but a permanent grip that is self restoring and will perform in all weather conditions. Ideal for receivers and defensive backs. Size: Large, ideal for the length of middle finger 9-10 CM. Lightweight and flexible feel. Extreme grip. provides great comfort, fit and function. Ideal for receivers and defensive backs.

Manufacturer: Kylin Express
Manufacturer Part Number: KE-SPO3410381-JACKY00264
Item Weight: 0.8 lbs.
Item Dimensions: 0.2 L
0.2 W
0.2 H