Exotic Dance Wear

By Lluxx Couture From United States

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7 to 14 days on most orders other orders can take up to 30 days

Returns Policy

No returns for hygiene purposes but I do offer to fix until it’s right it’s custom made so I can take it in or fit it better after 1 to 2 times it’s like getting fitted first so second time it’s sent back it will be right but I usually get it right the first time this is just Incase there is a problem

ThIs item is custom made to your measurements. This item has to be sewn from scratch basically, I will be tailoring this exact outfit to each individuals measurements. You won’t have to measure yourself because, I have the skill to get perfect measurements by asking a few questions about your size , shape and clothing that you wear. I also offer to fix the outfit until your happy with your purchase. This item takes up to 7 to 14 days before shipping. Feel free to ask about Rush Order pricing . This item is Tailored to each individuals size and shape. Yes , plus size beauties are welcome to order. This item is being made from scratch to each individuals color choice and fabric choice . I have a special skill to get measurements from online . I have no problem getting each outfit fitted perfectly to each individuals shape and size . Feel free to message me for any questions. Typically after purchase is when, we usually work out the details because, that part takes a lot of work on my end but, I’m more than happy to do this for you. I’m excited upon each order to create you something sexy . Thanks for shopping with Lluxx Bodi Couture .