Natural BBQ charco 5kg,10kg. Natural Shisha charcol 10kg.5kg

By Ijneid Group From Paraguay

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-BBQ charcol XL 15+5 kg, 5+ hours burning
-Shisha, Hokkah 3-7cm 10+5 kg 3+ hours burning time

1- plastic and paper package that prevents moisture and charcoal dust leakage
2- From Kerpacio Blanco hard wood,
3- High temperature
4- There is no flying sparks and no smell in order not to change the taste of the food
5- Burning the highest worldwide
6- Easy ignition
7- Container capacity is 40 feet 21 to 22 tons
8- The lowest order of each type is 40 feet container
9- The price is depends on quantity,
11- A product distributed in England, the Middle East and Europe conforms to the highest English safety standards
12- Delivery period withen 30 days to be ready for shipping
13- Payment of 50% upon installation and 50% upon loading containers to the ship and issuance of the shipping certificate
14- Burruguay is made 100% natural