Locksport 13-Place Practice Station w/Full Set of Practice Locks

By Hard2Find From United States

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Weight: 18.00 g
Length: 203.00 mm
Width: 100.00 mm
Height: 100.00 mm

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This all-acrylic practice station is designed expressly for locksport enthusiasts, but other hobbyists will find it an exciting new hobby as well. It allows the user to practice lock manipulation, giving access to up to 8 KIK (key-in-knob) style practice locks at a time, and up to 5 standard mortise or rim cylinders at a time. Naturally, practice can be done with less locks inserted, but many users enjoy practicing on a range of lock combinations in one sitting and this stand makes that super easy to do. We include a full set of 13 practice locks with your station -- 8 KIK cylinders pinned progressively, and 5 mortise cylinders with random (moderately difficult-to-very difficult) combinations. All practice locks will have SC (Schlage) keyway, and each lock will have it's own working key. Also, the locks included can be rekeyed at will for those who are familiar with lock rekeying. This practice station is made of 1/4" acrylic, making it light weight but strong enough to handle the full 13 locks with no trouble.