Locksport XPC Expanded Capacity Practice Lock Stand

By Hard2Find From United States

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Weight: 453.00 g
Length: 50.00 mm
Width: 50.00 mm
Height: 127.00 mm

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The XPC practice stand is an amazingly versatile piece of kit -- designed to facilitate the practice of the three most basic locksmith skills: Manipulation, Bumping and Key Impressioning. The "head" of the stand is made of highly durable, very strong epoxy resin while the base itself is solid 1/4" thick aluminum. The stand is capable of holding a wide array of lock cylinder styles including but not limited to: KIK (key-in-knob) cylinders, both standard diameter and commercial sizes; mortise cylinders, rim cylinders, I-C cylinders small and large format, Euro double and single lock cylinders, cam locks, etc. This is a strong practice stand and it is best used mounted to a solid surface using the provided screws. It can also be clamped to a work surface that provides an overhang, using a common C-Clamp. This item is the stand only, please note that the locks shown in illustrations are not included. Stand height is approximately 5 inches and width is a little over 2 inches.