EZ Rekey Practice Lock for Locksport, Locksmith Students, Hobbyists - SC Keyway

By Hard2Find From United States

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KW keyway version

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Weight: 170.00 g
Length: 127.00 mm
Width: 80.00 mm
Height: 80.00 mm

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Absolutely no experience required. Guaraneed the FASTEST practice lock to rekey. No tools needed - Not even a tiny allen wrench! Complete, illustrated instructions make it stupidly simple.
Plenty of extra pin tumblers included to create thousands of combinations. Spool drivers included -- make your practice lock nearly impossible to pick!

EZ TO GROW WITH! Actually, it grows with YOU. You'll never outgrow your EZ ReKey lock. Start (if you choose) with only 1 bottom pin for a super easy pick. Move to harder challenges by adding one pin at a time (along with a top pin and a spring for each bottom pin, of course). Go right up to 6 pins -- then start replacing standard top pins with spool drivers and eventually you'll be a seasoned lock picking Pro.

This practice lock comes to you with a SC (Schlage) keyway, and with 1 working key and 1 NON-working key - which is of value as a visual aid which demonstrates why an incorrect key will not allow the lock to turn. Also included: 1 pair of pin tweezers, 1 instructional DVD with helpful tips.