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Weight: 900.00 g
Length: 177.00 mm
Width: 177.00 mm
Height: 163.00 mm

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It's our very popular Cyclops Practice Lock Stand in combination with one Cutaway Practice Lock, similar to the one seen on our YouTube video that has attracted over a million views.

The Cyclops was designed especially for cutaway key-in-knob style practice locks. It gives the user a perfect, unrestricted view of the cutaway portion of the practice lock while simultaneously assuring a solid grip. The ball and socket joint enables you to adjust the head through 360 degrees of positions and lock it firmly in place. This is important because, in the real world, you'll find locks mounted in a variety of positions (including upside down!).

The head, which is the business part of the stand holding your lock in place, is milled from a solid epoxy resin block. It can be mounted for either a right- or left-handed user. It is packaged correctly mounted for right-handers. It features a threaded tightening thumb screw to keep the lock from moving.

The base of the stand is solid aluminum and measures 4 inches x 4 inches square. It can be used free standing, but mounting holes and screws are provided for permanent mounting to a bench, table top or wooden plank. You can also use the double sided mounting squares, provided.


Cyclops Practice Lock Stand
CutAway Practice Lock, 5-pinned, Kw or SC
"How To Pick Locks" in PDF format on a CD-ROM