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Weight: 455.00 g
Length: 50.00 mm
Width: 50.00 mm
Height: 50.00 mm

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Great news for locksport enthusiasts and serious locksmith students alike! This is an updated version of the immensely popular TriPik-II practice lock stand that we introduced nearly ten years ago on our original website LockPickersMall. A solidly superior stand is now even better.

Customers have let us know that they would like to see our TriPik-II stand updated to allow larger diameter KIK cylinders to be inserted -- and we listened. Here is the XPC mod, now improved to allow insertion of both standard-sized and commercial sized KIK-lock cylinders. In addition, this new modification will accept those odd KIK cylinders that have a protruding boss along the bottom of the shell (some Sargent KIK cylinders feature this adaptation to fit various Sargent knobs and levers).

Generally, the stand now accepts 5/8" diameter and 11/16" diameter KIK (key-in-knob) style lock cylinders. It will also handle small format KIK cylinders, such as found inside a wide variety of rekeyable padlocks.

The ball and socket on our TriPik-II XPC allows positioning of the head through a full 360 degrees, and the oversized locking knob keeps things firm and steady. The business end of the stand is the "head" with its iconic 3-port design (holds up to 3 KIK-style cylinders at once). This part of the stand is cast from super rugged epoxy resin. The base of the stand measures 4" x 4" and is made of solid aluminum. You can use this stand "free standing" for picking practice - but we suggest mounting it to your work bench with the provided screws if you plan to do any bumping practice. An important plus with this stand are the three nylon thumb screws, one for each of the lock ports.

Please note that practice locks are not included with this item - you are buying only the stand.