Cutaway Combination Instructor's Padlock - Disassemble It, Put it Back Together

By Hard2Find From United States

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Weight: 454.00 g
Length: 127.00 mm
Width: 200.00 mm
Height: 127.00 mm

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This is not something you'll find in a store! We've carefully cut the stainless steel back off of a perfectly good combination padlock so that we could replace it with a clear acrylic disk. Why? To make it an educational training aid for locksmith students and also for pretty much anyone who loves unusual "puzzles" and challenges. We modified the inner parts just enough so that anyone with a Phillips screwdriver can completely disassemble the lock and then return it to working condition (challenging, but easy if you use our very helpful illustrated instructions).

As a training aid, or a teaching prop, it is extremely valuable because you can see clearly (when the padlock is intact) how and why the dial works to allow the lock to open. It's quite an amazing but simple process. Buy one for yourself and get one for that friend or relative who is impossible to buy for.