Locksport Practice Lock Assortment Progressively Pinned w SC Keyway - Set of 7

By Hard2Find From United States

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Weight: 454.00 g
Length: 30.00 mm
Width: 50.00 mm
Height: 20.00 mm

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The secret to acquiring high skill levels with lock picking is to start easy and work your way up, at your own pace and in the comfort of home (or wheresoever thou chooseth), until you are working with fully 6-pinned high quality cylinders with pick resistant top pins to make it even harder.

This is exactly how the Progressive Set of 7 Practice Locks works. Our KIK (key-in-knob) style practice locks are super high quality with tolerances that are very near original manufacturer specs, and they are completely rekeyable if you know how to rekey locks and you have the tools needed.

Here is what you get in this set, in terms of combinations:

6-Pinned with Pick Resistant Spool Drivers in All Positions

All lock cylinders are labeled clearly with printed labels. Labels applied to one side of the lock cylinder's pin bible. Each lock cylinder supplied with 1 working key. All locks are standard as opposed to cutaway