Rare Type of Locksport Practice Lock, Double CutAway - SC Keyway

By Hard2Find From United States

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Weight: 340.00 g
Length: 127.00 mm
Width: 80.00 mm
Height: 127.00 mm

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Rare and very hard to find, this double-cutaway practice lock with a SC keyway would be a valuable addition to any Locksport hobbyist or serious student of the locksmith trade. So much brass has been milled away that the inner plug and the top pins and springs are completely exposed, yet this is a fully functional practice lock and excellent as a visual aid, training tool or instructor's aid. It is fashioned from a high quality KIK (key in knob) style lock cylinder with tolerances near to OEM, and the lock is provided with both a working key and a NON-working key (which is useful as a visual aid, helps teach the fundamental principle behind pin tumbler lock function).

Fits our TriPik2-XPC, LocksportXPC, Cyclops and 13-Place Locksport Practice Station.